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 Application #191108

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PostSubject: Application #191108   Application #191108 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2008 6:10 pm

Account: A.156734 (Upgraded)
Start: 71 Days
Nick: Xandra
Bases: 11
Level: 28,81
Empire Income: 2.232
Fleets: A pitty 21K, pls read the rest of my story.
Technology: 443.229
Combat Experience: 14.875/35.025
Galaxies: A27/A67/A76
Guilds History: ex Alpha team member
Reason: Ask Taxie, i'm enough of his pesterring over all these months.
Reference: Balthazar

Other account: (Note, My application is NOT for this account)
On Epsilon:
Account: E.103481 (Upgraded)
Start: 35 Days
Nick: Xandra
Bases: 12
Level: 23,34
Empire Income: 1.827
Fleets: 32.605
Technology: 81.699
Combat Experience: 217/13.717
Galaxies: E87
Guilds History: Rise of Legends, Im now at The Galactic Republic
Reason: This guild has more players in E87


About myself:
Name: Xandra R. (wow we didnt knew that yet Razz)
Hobbies: Cooking, msn, fun and AE Wink
Location: The Netherlands
Activity on AE: Estimated 6 hours per day, else 2 if im on school
Likes: Good friends, Strategy, Decisions, Letting hear my oppinion, Having creative ideas
Dislikes: Pesterring (like taxie in my previous guild)

I hope realy that CoRM is a better place to be in with more order and more normal activities, and no 15 anouncements per day Wink
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Application #191108 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application #191108   Application #191108 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2008 6:28 pm

received thanks.

as discussed, I will talk with GM for you

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Application #191108
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